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Senior Engineering Manager, Infrastructure and Operations


Since 2011

Hello! I'm Mohammed Al-Mahdawi

Welcome to my website! I’m known for lead/architect/build highly available applications that can scale to as many users as required and removing any single point of failure from them
and automate any human interaction around this process.
My experiences were gathered while working on big projects at big enterprises and governments.

Applications from All Sizes

From building “plugins” to architect/build and taking the lead of tens of employees working on microservices multi-tenant SaaS projects.

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Clients from all over the world!
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Successful cases in the public portfolio
Five-star rating projects

Government & Enterprise Grade​

I vastly helped many governments and enterprises by making their legacy applications become respectful cloud-native citizens at scale.

General Consultancies

General inquiries about microservices, Kubernetes, containers, servers, hypervisors, and more.


Build or convert a monolithic applications to microservices architecture, and deploy to Kubernetes or Swarm clusters and automating everything!


Build/manage Linux servers, Hypervisors, Kubernetes clusters, Ranchers, Registries, Helm repos & charts, Docker Swarm, and automate tasks using custom CI/CD tools that I build or using Jenkins/GitHub Actions or other CI/CD & automation tools if applicable!

Build Apps & Tool

Sometimes the available tools can't solve your problem, in this situation build a custom app/tool is the right way to get your business running at its peak performance.

Big Toolbox with Years of Experience

Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Istio, Rancher, Harbor, Golang, AWS, Terraform, Packer, Node.js, Python, and much much more with over 12 years of work experience!